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Students applying to AAST should have a passion for learning in general and a curiosity for the sciences in particular. The AAST curriculum is unique at BCA in that it is the only academy that provides in-depth instruction in all three sciences, biology, chemistry, and physics, by the end of sophomore year. This strong and early foundation across the sciences empowers AAST students to pursue advanced classes, group projects, and research as soon as sophomore year. Equally important is the flexibility that every AAST student enjoys to pursue classes in computer science, advanced mathematics, and the humanities to explore their individual and growing interests.

Highlights of the AAST curriculum include:

9th grade students take courses in Biology and Chemistry that feature a weekly rotating lab period in both sciences.

10th grade students take courses in Physics and Chemistry that also feature a weekly lab rotation. The 10th grade Chemistry class goes beyond typical high school courses by exploring topics related to Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

11th and 12th grade students pursue advanced classes through a variety of options including Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Computer Science, International Baccalaureate (IB) Physics, IB Environmental Science, and IB Computer Science.

In addition to the core aspects of the AAST curriculum, many AAST students conduct on-campus research at the Bergen County Academies in modern facilities dedicated to nanotechnology, optics, agricultural science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and cellular and molecular biology. The accomplishments of AAST students are consistently acknowledged at the state, national, and international levels including finalist recognition at the Regeneron Science Talent Search and the International Chemistry Olympiad. Beyond the walls of Bergen County Academies, AAST students interact and collaborate with experts at prestigious institutions including Columbia University, Princeton University, Brookhaven National Lab, and the American Museum of Natural History through our Senior Internship and other unique opportunities. Since its inception in 1992, graduates of AAST have attended the full list of outstanding colleges and universities on their way to careers in science, engineering, medicine, finance, law, journalism, and so much more.