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Senior Experience

The Academies focuses on developing students' readiness for the workplace. To help students prepare for their professional futures, the Academies requires that each student in the 12th grade complete an internship program called Senior Experience.


Senior Experience is a program in which students spend each Wednesday working in an internship at a company, office, laboratory, or other workplace. Each student identifies an area of interest and is placed accordingly to gain practical experience in their chosen field. A full-time faculty member coordinates and oversees the internships.

The essential component of a successful internship is the student's active participation in an area of interest under the guidance of a mentor. Different mentors approach this in different ways. Some mentors design a special project specifically designed for the student to develop his/her skills. Others bring the student into an ongoing project. The internship may be in any discipline or involve any profession; however, it is mandatory that the student be an active participant in activities related to the field of study.