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Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular activities at BCA are just as numerous, diverse, and exciting as our courses. Visit our website to see a complete listing of the clubs and activities offered to our students.

Sampling of extracurricular clubs include:

Cardio Training:Incorporates speed training, techniques, and endurance. The goal of the club is to increase the speed, agility, power and strength of its members in a fun and stress free environment. Students are encouraged to join the "marathon crew" by completing a marathon, 26.2 miles, during club hours.

Chess: This club is open to chess players of all levels, from beginner on up. Members enjoy the friendly comradery of playing a game that challenges the intellect. In addition to playing games, there are opportunities to learn about some of the strategy of the game, such as the opening, the middle game, and the endgame. Some members end up joining the school chess team (the 2014 state champion and eighth in the nation).

Junior Statesmen of America (JSA): One of BCA's largest student-run organizations, as well as one of the oldest high school debate societies in the country. JSA, through our regular Wednesday meetings, as well as our regional and national competitions, allow students to discuss and debate issues on a wide array of topics ranging from politics, economics, and other relevant societal issues. The club organizes various political awareness and activism campaigns such as mock elections, parent-student potlucks and viewing parties of important speeches and elections. The club annually organizes and hosts one of the largest student debate conferences in the region. Our organization has been recognized as the best chapter in the Mid-Atlantic Region and in the top chapters in the nation.

LITMAG: Student Literary Magazine of Bergen County Academies. It features original creative works by our students, including poetry, prose, and art. Participation by students from all of our academies is encouraged, and creative submissions from all artistic genres are welcomed. In the process of selecting works to include for publication, students learn valuable publishing skills, such as page layout, magazine design and copy editing.

Soundwave Audio Lab: Makerspace club where students build unique devices that unite music and electronics. In this his low-stress club students learn how to solder, interpret circuit diagrams, and how electronic components function. For trimester 3, students will make a Theremin Pencil.

Quiz Bowl: The Quiz Bowl Club is an extension of the BCA Quiz Bowl Team, a fast-paced question-based competition where teams vie with one another to answer questions involving a wide-range of subjects including history, art, math, science, popular culture, etc. Participants meet each week to engage in practice meets, discuss strategy and refine their playing techniques. Students are encouraged to compete on the Quiz Bowl Team, but may choose to join the club for their own enjoyment.