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Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular activities at BCA are just as numerous, diverse, and exciting as our courses. Visit our website to see a complete listing of the clubs and activities offered to our students.

Sampling of extracurricular clubs include:

BCA Pre-Law

This club introduces students to the various areas of law (prosecutors, criminal defense, corporate, public interest, patent law, entertainment law, IP intellectual property law), discusses preparation for law school (admissions, internships, LSATs, accelerated BA/JD programs). In addition to guest speakers from the profession, there is a scheduled trip to State Superior Court for criminal sentencing and to the Bergen County Jail/Forensics Unit.

Chess Team

The BCA Chess Team usually wins the NJ Scholastic Championship and placed among the top ten in national team championships. Team members practice by competing in tournaments, including five rated competitions hosted by the Academies.

Debate Team

Each year, teams throughout the country are assigned a topic to research and debate. Debate is prepared in groups of two, with each team having to argue both sides of the debate. The team's performance is evaluated by a panel of judges. Competitions occur once a month at local schools. Anyone who is willing to commit to the work can be a Freshman or JV debater; our Varsity team is limited to twelve students.

Electronic Journalism

Reading The Academy Chronicle is a good way to delve into the mind of a teen. Writing for it is a good way to learn about journalism. Topics covered include hard news, technology, entertainment, sports, and opinion. To learn more, visit

Federal Reserve Challenge

The Challenge is an academic competition designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of how the Federal Government develops monetary policy. Federal Government does not develop monetary policy. Monetary policy is developed and implemented by the Federal Reserve, our Central Bank. A five-member team conducts an analysis of the current state of the economy and puts forth a monetary policy recommendation for the Federal Open Market Committee. Judges question each team about their presentation and their knowledge of macroeconomic theory. Federal Reserve Bank economists judge the competitions.

Quiz Bowl

This club gives you the chance to play mock rounds of high school quiz bowl, where you compete as a team, answering questions about every topic there is and get the opportunity to attend real tournaments as a part of BCA's nationally recognized team. The BCA Quizbowl Team attended the 5th annual National History Bee and Bowl competition in Arlington, Virginia. BCA students competed against players from across the United States in team and individual events at this challenging, fast-paced competition and achieved their best results yet. The Junior Varsity team won the Bergen County JV champions last year

Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir is a group of selected students from concert choir who sing advanced repertoire, singing in both the December and May concerts, as well as competitions and festivals, including the Teen Arts Festival in the spring. Entry is by audition only. Seniors in chamber choir attend selected after school rehearsals.

Model UN

Model UN is an activity where you represent the views of different countries and debate international issues. The Model UN is a major organization here at the Academies. We put on our own Model UN conference called AMUN involving our students and students from other schools. In addition, the Model UN traveling team goes to conferences at schools such as Princeton, Yale, and George Washington University, where we compete against other schools. If you are interested in international affairs, politics, debate, and getting involved in a really cool and well-established organization here at the Academies, join the Model UN club. It’s a lot of fun!