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The Academy for Engineering and Design Technology (AEDT) was developed as an extension of AAST with specific concentration in the engineering sciences, including design technology, computer science, manufacturing, electronics, and biomedical engineering. Students in this academy have a concentration in engineering and design courses and focus on skills which are generally useful in any engineering curriculum.

Students are drawn to the Engineering Academy because they like to create, build, or reverse-engineer. They have the opportunity to do this in state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. Projects include product development, civil or architectural designs, robotic competitions, and much more. Students must have a strong desire to solve problems using math, science, and technology. They should like to work with their hands, and apply their creativity to engineering. Organizational skills, such as maintaining computer files, keeping project journals and building portfolios are needed. Communication skills are a plus.

AEDT focuses on general engineering disciplines and prepares students for entrance into college engineering programs. While not everyone in this academy will pursue engineering, those that choose to do so have a solid background in the field and are likely to successfully master college courses. Students are also prepared to pursue careers in the technical aspects of business or law. Articulation agreements with universities enable AEDT students to receive college credit for some of the core courses taken in this program.