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The program of study for the Academy for Medical Science Technology is designed for students interested in the medical field and/or the research sciences. The curriculum is infused with courses that reflect a medical science related focus including anatomy, pharmacology, bioethics, epidemiology, and research science as well as projects that develop teamwork, communication and presentation skills.

In ninth grade, students have two full year STEM courses, Honors Biology and Experimental Biology which rotates students through the three cell biology laboratories. Experimental Biology includes elements of bioinformatics, experimental design, basic laboratory skills, cell and molecular research techniques, statistics, data analysis and presentation.

In tenth grade, students take a full year of Anatomy and Physiology in addition to a full year course in Chemistry. A hands-on, lab-based course, Anatomy and Physiology provides a firm foundation in histology, physiology, and homeostasis in each of the human body systems.

In eleventh grade, students will take Advanced Placement level Biology, in addition to a full year course in Physics. They also have the option of pursuing other Advanced Placement course offerings.

In grade twelve, students will rotate through an Advanced Biomedical Seminar which includes a trimester each in topics such as Epidemiology, Pharmacology, and Bioethics. They also have the option of pursuing other Advanced Placement course offerings.

Many AMST students participate in the "in-house" research program in the Academy’s state of the art labs, as early as freshman year. Research focus options include cell and molecular biology, nanotechnology, agriscience, optics, mechatronics, psychology, mathematics, and a variety of engineering disciplines. In the cell and molecular biology labs, students use in vitro cell culture and carry out such assays as microarray and transfection and utilize TEM and SEM to investigate the scientific question they are addressing. Our students have won significant national and international awards at competitions including the Regeneron Science Talent Search, the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, and BioGENEius. These high school innovators have been awarded Davidson Fellowships and have presented their research at meetings of professional organizations such as the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). Many students have published their findings in peer reviewed, professional journals.

AMST students can participate in HOSA, the international leadership organization for future healthcare professionals, which is recognized by the US Department of Education. The mission of the chapter is to promote the health care professions and community service. Members have successfully competed at the international level in areas such as Biomedical Debate, Creative Problem Solving, Pharmacology, Biomedical Lab Science, Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Mathematics, Dental Science and many more.