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Global Education

The Bergen County Academies Global Education Initiative seeks to prepare students for success in a global economy and workforce; to provide students with an opportunity to interact with their peers in a global environment; to engender increased respect for values and traditions other than one's own; and to give students real-world exposure to, and experience with, students from another part of the world. The following is a sampling of past and future projects of the BCA Global Education Initiative.

BCA Global Programs in the 2016-2017 School Year

London/Hong Kong:

Students from the Academy for Business and Finance/International Baccalaureate Program are offered an international educational experience with study abroad opportunities in London, England and Honk Kong, China. London and Hong Kong were chosen as the alternate-year destinations based on their global prominence in business and economics as well as the contrast in cultures between east and west, all while still being in an English-speaking country. The study abroad experience is designed around four themes—Business and Economics, Community Service, Global Education, and Cultural Experiences. The goal is to afford every ABF student a chance to study abroad twice during their BCA career, alternating between two distinctive cultural settings.


The Japanese Ministry of Education and Kokutaiji High School invite BCA students and teachers to International Science Symposiums that take place for one week during the school year. BCA students reside in Hiroshima and attend classes at Kokutaiji High School, participate in curriculum project sessions, give a presentation at the Symposium, visit the Peace Memorial Park and other scenic sights in Hiroshima while enjoying Japanese food and culture. BCA recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding that the two schools will continue their collaborative efforts centered on joint scientific curriculum projects.


Sixteen BCA students and three faculty members traveled to Israel and participated in a fact-finding and collaboration-building mission to Israel. The trip was based on the common educational language of STEM — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The group visited hotbeds of innovation including the Weizmann Institute of Science, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (often referred to as Israel's MIT), and Google's Tel Aviv campus, as well as high-tech company Applied Materials, an Air Force base, World ORT's YOU-niversity afterschool innovation learning center, and high schools excelling in STEM. (They also saw more standard tourist sites - Jerusalem's Old City, Rosh Hanikra, Ein Gedi, Masada, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and a Druze village. The students and teachers returned eager to establish a relationship with the award-winning Shechakim High School for Excellence and Leadership in Nahariya, a city in northern Israel.

Student Testimonial

Had you asked me 4 months ago whether I thought I would be able to go to Israel with school I would have laughed. Little did I know that you would present me with the amazing, life-changing opportunity to experience Israel as a global ambassador representing Bergen County Academies. And I truly thank you for making this far-fetched illusion a fantastic reality that enlightened the lives of numerous people, myself included. Nowhere else presents students with the opportunity to learn about technology and culture of other nations through first-hand experiences. Thank you again! (JL, AAST 2019)


The Bergen County Academies, AVPA continued their sister school collaboration with Pierce College/American College of Greece (a high school in Athens Greece) when 14 Pierce students and 3 teachers visited BCA for a week long study abroad experience this April. The partnership included joint educational projects between our students and cultural engagements in New Jersey and New York City. The highlight of the visit was the BCA families providing homestays for the Greek students which allowed for a broader global experience with the BCA community. The educational culmination of the trip was a production by the Greek students where they performed Woman's Voices , a combination of Antigone by Sophocles and Electra and Medea by Euripides that highlighted the three tragic heroines who each undergo their own misfortune that characterized the female gender.

Costa Rica

13 BCA students and 2 teachers attended a language and cultural immersion tour of Costa Rica. The tour included nature hikes observing the biodiversity of Costa Rica, learning about the production of local cheeses and the hydroponic farming of strawberries, eating at the home of a local family as the students learned to make their own tortilla, visiting Colegio Téncnico Jacó, a technical high school and participating in classes - all of this while having to communicate in Spanish.