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Global Education

The Bergen County Academies Global Education Initiative seeks to prepare students for success in a global economy and workforce; to provide students with an opportunity to interact with their peers in a global environment; to engender increased respect for values and traditions other than one's own; and to give students real-world exposure to, and experience with, students from another part of the world. The following is a sampling of past and future projects of the BCA Global Education Initiative.

BCA Global Programs in the 2015-2016 School Year

ABF International Baccalaureate Capstone Experience London/Hong Kong:

Students from the Academy for Business and Finance/International Baccalaureate Program are offered an international educational experience with study abroad opportunities in London, England and Honk Kong, China. London and Hong Kong were chosen as the alternate-year destinations based on their global prominence in business and economics as well as the contrast in cultures between east and west, all while still being in an English-speaking country. The study abroad experience is designed around four themes-Business and Economics, Community Service, Global Education, and Cultural Experiences. The goal is to afford every ABF student a chance to study abroad twice during their BCA career, alternating between two distinctive cultural settings .

International Study Abroad Collaborations with Kokutaiji High School, Japan:

The Japanese Ministry of Education and Kokutaiji High School invite BCA students and teachers to International Science Symposiums that take place for one week during the school year. BCA students reside in Hiroshima and attend classes at Kokutaiji High School, participate in curriculum project sessions, give a presentation at the Symposium, visit the Peace Memorial Park and other scenic sights in Hiroshima while enjoying Japanese food and culture. BCA recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding that the two schools will continue their collaborative efforts centered on joint scientific curriculum projects.

Y. LEAD International Summer Conference, River Valley High School, Singapore:

River Valley High School (RVHS) and BCA have a history of collaborative programs that have culminated with study abroad experiences for both schools. In recent years RVHS has extended an invitation to BCA to attend their Youth. Leverage Educate Actuate Develop (Y. LEAD) summer program. The Y.LEAD Seminar is a platform for teenagers from the ages of 15 to 17 to acquire a heightened awareness of global social challenges, a values-based understanding of the role of leaders, and a useful set of leadership skills. The objective of the seminar is to empower youths to become future leaders who can effect positive changes in society.

Global Collaboration Project with Pierce College/American College, Greece:

Students and teachers from both schools will interact in a variety of curriculum activities through virtual learning environments which might include e-mail, video conferencing, YouTube, school-sponsored blogs, etc. BCA and Pierce are in the development phase of a joint curriculum project centered on parallel actions that would culminate with study abroad experiences.